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CityWide the Band

Named after the infamous Philadelphia drink special, CityWide has been rockin' the east coast music scene since early 2019.

The full-length debut album from CityWideMeddling Kids, is the culmination of the band's energetic alternative rock style as a DIY band.

Based in Philadelphia, the indie quintet is composed of lead vocalist Emily Goldenberg, drummer Ben Manning, guitarist Evan Brink, bassist Patrick Cosgrave and keyboard/trumpeter Andrew Frederick.  


Since debuting their first EP, One Hundred Thousand Dollars, on Philadelphia's Alt Rock Radio 104.5 in 2020, the band has often been compared to upbeat modern artists such as Lake Street Dive, the Lumineers and Mt. Joy.  

But what the band is proudest of, and perhaps what is most unique, is their innate chemistry both on stage and off.  CityWide shows are known in the Philadelphia area for their high-energy live performances that consistently attract a lively and enthusiastic audience.  

All five members contribute to songwriting and arranging, with Evan (guitarist) leading the charge on recording and producing.  Having released their debut album in July 2021, with popular tracks Memoirs of a Prom Queen and Once Made Man, the group is looking forward to releasing some new tunes in the fall and winter of 2022. 

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