CityWide the Band

Named after the infamous Philadelphia drink special (see here), CityWide has been rockin' the Philly music scene since early 2019.

CityWide is an alternative rock band based in Philadelphia. The two-year-old quintet is composed of Emily Goldenberg, Ben Manning, Evan Brink, Ray Pomponio, and Andrew “Fred” Frederick. The group formed after a happenstance encounter between Ben, Ray, and Fred in 2019 at a gathering hosted by Emily, who became the band’s lead singer and frontperson.


The band members found shared interest in upbeat modern sounds such as those of The Lumineers, Lake Street Dive, and Mt. Joy. Simultaneously, the group traced its roots to the nostalgia and familiarity found in classic rock. When the group began writing original music for One Hundred Thousand Dollars, their first EP, a folk-rock influence became apparent that drove a mellower, humble sound, best exemplified in the track One Day.


Meddling Kids, the band’s first full-length album, features ten new songs that personify the band’s heightened excitement and creativity. All five members contributed to songwriting and arrangements found in the album, ensuring a tasteful blend of textures and melodies. From the hard-hitting percussion and guitar tracks heard in Memoirs of a Prom Queen to the sophisticated vocal interplay in Wanting More, the group’s latest work reaches a wide range of sonic interests. Bassist Evan Brink engineered and produced the album, which is scheduled for release in July 2021.