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Meddling Kids

By Day (Part 1):


Hit it and quit it 

I could be back in a minute

The Walt don’t flow in the wintertime

It’ll always be there for you


What did I say

Can you out-drink the rain to-day?

(yeah yeah)

A cooler in a low back chair 

Hold this beer beach-lovin' all summer 

Don’t care


Take my day to the bayside

Don’t need waves to raise this drunken tide

(Take a slow ride, hit the back-bay buggie)


All I need in a drawstring

Bikin’ uptown and into the night


By Night (Part 2):


Hello my dear

Do you feel like walkin’

Down to the pier?

Sticky fingers keep my hands from shakin’


And I don’t wanna go

Where the kids are bakin’

I just wanna lay right here

If I could go back to the town I’m flakin’

With you I wanna ride all night




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