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Philadelphia, PA



Lake Street Dive, Elton John, Tom Petty, Lawrence, The Lumineers, Mt Joy

"One Hundred Thousand Dollars is a remarkably tight quartet of power-pop tunes, produced with care, not a note wasted." - Casey Burke, Plaze

"[Memoirs of a Prom Queen] came out did this all yourselves?  I say this lovingly but F@*% you, that's so've got a pretty bad*ss story "
- Colin Budny, On the Guest List podcast // Lead singer and guitarist of Foxtrot & the Get Down

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CityWide is a female-fronted alternative rock band with groovy energy.  The rambunctious quintet, founded in early 2019, prides themselves on engaging performances throughout the east coast, with their hometown being Philadelphia. 

CityWide has written, recorded and produced all of their own music, including their debut album, Meddling Kids, and their debut EP, One Hundred Thousand Dollars. Both tracks feature a classic rock influence complimented by trumpet and keys to bring a full, unique sound.

With a strong fan base in Philadelphia, NYC and Washington DC, the band has goals to expand their following and to release new music in 2023.  

Recent Shows

JAN 2022 - PHILADELPHIA - The Grape Room (135 attendees)
MAR 2022 - PHILADELPHIA - Ortliebs (100 attendees)
APR 2022 -  WASHINGTON DC - The Pie Shop (100 attendees)
JUN 2022 -  PHILADELPHIA - Century Bar (50 attendees)
JUL 2022 -  WASHINGTON DC - Private Party (200 attendees)
AUG 2022 - WASHINGTON DC - Private Party (200 attendees)
AUG 2022 - PHILADELPHIA - Ortliebs (100 attendees)

AUG 2022 - NEW YORK CITY - Mercury Lounge (340 attendees)

Upcoming Shows



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Whether you're a venue looking to host us, another band interested in adding us to your bill, a promotor or manager who stumbled upon our page, or anything in between - we'd love to hear from you :)

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